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Tyler Frankland

'Promoting positive mental and physical health through holistic sport participation.'

Tyler is the Chairman and Co-founder of TPA. His roles include overseeing the day to day running’s of the organisation and future planning along with the team. He also plays a lead role in coaching the Street programs. He is very passionate about Health Promotions, raising the awareness of the benefit of exercise in his community, and creating an exercise habit for life. He is currently studying a BA (Hons) degree in Sport and Exercise Management.

Thanet Parkour Academy Director

Tyler Frankland

Thanet Parkour Academy Director

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Laura Atkins

Private Trustee

Dominc Hill

Coach Assistant

'Focusing on the cultural development within our local community’ 


Laura is a mother of two. After taking her daughter to a local Parkour gathering she was captivated by the community. The vital contributions she made in the founding of TPA is directly related to the club’s success today. Yet Laura has taking a back seat on day to day business to enable her to focus on other projects, she remains a key component in our operations, and her roles are in Human relation and she is TPA’s Public Relation officer. In 2013, she was the winner of the Community Angel Award, for a program called 'The Four Corners'.

‘Parkour is one of those sports that is one of a kind, you won’t find anything else like it, so just take it up already’.

Dominic Hill is an assistant coach. His roles include helping with the development and engagement of students. He is very dedicated to his position in the club and provides valuable input to the club’s program and the development of student. He is currently studying for his A levels, in Psychology and Sports Science. Next year he is moving on to study a BA (hons) in Sport and Exercise Therapy.


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