Director - Tyler Frankland

"Promoting positive mental and physical health through holistic sport participation."

Tyler Frankland was Born in Margate. His studies are in lifestyle sports, Adventure sports and Martial Arts. He started studying Asian Martial arts in 2001, at the age of 14, where he has accomplished a black belt in two different Martial disciplines and competed worldwide. Tyler is currently studying a BA in Sports and Exercise Management, after completing a two-year National diploma in Sports, Coaching and Development. His education was provoked by wanting to become an active member in the Health Promotional network. His studies look at local issues and barriers to sport participation and health causing lack of physical activity.



His mission is publicising the benefits of sports and fitness, and the role it should plays in one’s life, creating habits for life. He is passionate about using holistic sports to maintain good mental health and build transferable skills that can improve the quality of life. He is a strong believer of leading by example, promoting lifelong education to not only students but all staff members.  


Tyler was diagnosed with Bowel Disease in 2016, after a prolonged period of ill health. This had huge effect on his life, both physically and mentally. Determined, with his love for sports and teaching, with the support from friends and TPA team, he utilised his rehabilitation to turn the experience in to a positive and believes it has strengthened his character. His recovery and ability to adapt embraces a lot of respect amongst his family, peers and students. He ensures that every single student is felt valued and, building strong trust amongst his students and peers.

·       Sport and Exercise Management (BA Hons) (1st class) (University of Kent)

·       Level 3 Sport, Coaching and Development Extended Diploma (Btec)

·       Level 2 Parkour/Freerunning Instructor (ADAPT, Parkour UK)

·       Level 2 Awareness of Mental Health Problems (CACHE)

·       Level 2 Gymnastic Activity Instructor (BG)

·       Level 1 Aikido instructor

·       Fundamental Movement Early Years (BG)

·       Child Protection and Safeguarding

·       First Aid trained

With the encouragement of Laura Atkins, together they co-founded Thanet Parkour Academy. Both Tyler and Laura have worked in collaboration to deliver projects, that create change in the community. For example, raising awareness and funds for organisations such as the Royal British Legion, by staging a 'Flash mob' at Bluewater Shopping centre. Other local organisations include Ramsgate Arts Festival (Summer Squall), Wheel and Fins, Geek, local councils and many more.


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