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2 - 3pm 10-13 years

3 - 4pm 5-9 years

Indoor Beginners

location Hartsdown Gymnastic Centre

The centre is a fully equipped with  a padded floor, balance beams, foam shapes and vaulting horses and safety mats.

It is the ideal environment to learn the basics of Parkour. We offer fun friendly services, that includes many health benefits, creating a positive effect on students’ lives, leading to better life satisfaction and increase mental capacity, which has shown to positively impact on things such as school work.


11 - 1pm

5+ Years

Street Workshop

Location Margate Hawley square

The 2-hour street sessions are under the instruction of TPA Co-founder Tyler Frankland and take place in Margate. Students can expect to develop a wide variety of fundamental and detailed training concepts and movement-based skills, exploring why Fitness and Sports are important for health and wellbeing, including how to manage risk in sport. 


7:15 - 8:15pm

5+ Years

Indoor Intermediate

Location Hartsdown Gymnastic Centre

Students will work on consolidation of the fundamental skills of Parkour and progress onto complex movement skills and concepts. This class is under instruction of Parkour veteran, Tristan Duggan. Participants will also explore Individuality through movement, constructing strength of character through building independence.


8:15 - 9:45pm

14+ Years

Youth & Adult Parkour

Location Hartsdown Gymnastic Centre

Beginners and experienced students can expect to learn and develop Parkour skills whilst being introduced into concepts of independent training and programs for self inprovement. During each session there is A dedicated time for free practice to explore skills learnt and develop any specific goals students may have, with help from our experienced coaching staff.


3:45 - 4:45 pm

11 - 17 Years

After School Club

Location Royal Harbour Academy (Upper Site)

Students will be taught basic concepts and movements of Parkour, the benefits of sports participation and social issues in sport and local communities.  Structured programs will used to monitor students’ progression and be used for a talent identification process with potential for joining the Performance team program.

Sunday to Friday

7am - 9pm

(Subject to availability)

Private Sessions

We all have different goals as we are all individuals. Private sessions are a great tool to work closely with one of our level 2 coaches to achieve athlete-based goals, sessions can be tailored to basic, advance or Acrobat skills and concepts in Parkour our coaches are also trained in Nutrition for sports, Health and Fitness.  We also can provide private booking for small groups.