About Us

We have developed over many years into a Parkour specialist teaching service within the South East. Providing top tier teaching to children and adults from the beginners to the advance classes.

Meet Our Staff

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Nathan Watts

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Craig Morris

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Jodi Moore

Current Status - Open

Welcome to our Covid-19 service update page where we will be posting all updates relating to our current services offerings.

It is important that all students and parents are aware of the practices and protocols adopted by TPA that aim to reduce the likelihood of infection transmission and support the fight against COVID-19.


TPA are committed to supporting the physical and mental development of your children through sports participation. However, we are dedicated to ensuring the welfare of your children above all else. Please follow the sequence of steps below.

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Step 1

Ensure it is safe for you to return

Are you or your household symptom free?

In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) describe common symptoms of COVID -19 to include:

  • High temperature over 37.8*C or 100.04*F

  • New and Persistent cough

  • Loss of taste and smell

In addition, other symptoms can include:

  • Runny nose

  • Shortness of breath

  • Sore throat

For general advice please visit.


return book.jpg

Step 2

Please read the guide cover to cover

Once you have read the contents and sent the necessary forms, you can manage monthly bookings as per usual.


Step 3

Complete your booking form and join our hosting site Groop

 (booking requests are provided within the handbook)

Returning students - booking confirmations are sent via your Groop Login.

Inductions students - will be sent a request to sign-up to our hosting site and then will be sent an booking confirmation .

If you are unable to make a booking via the online system or need support, please get in touch.  Contact us 

The following guidance and procedures have been mandated so that we can remain open. Our protocols and practice have been adopted following guidance and advice set out by the Government, Sport England and Parkour UK