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About Us

We have developed over many years into a Parkour specialist teaching service within the South East. Providing top tier teaching to children and adults from the beginners to the advance classes.

Meet Our Staff

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Nathan Watts

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Craig Morris

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Jodi Moore

About Us

We have developed over many years into a Parkour specialist teaching service within the South East. Providing top tier teaching to children and adults from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Meet Our Staff

The following team members below are made up of coaches, board members, volunteers.

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Tyler Frankland 


'Promoting positive mental and physical health through holistic sport participation.

Tyler is the Director and Co-founder of TPA. His duties include overseeing the day to day running of the organisation and future planning along with the team. He also plays a lead role in coaching the Street programs. He is very passionate about health promotions, raising awareness of the benefits of exercise in his community, and creating an exercise habit for life.


Dominic Hill

Assistant Coach

‘Parkour is one of those sports that is one of a kind, you won’t find anything else like it, so just take it up already’.

Dom Hill is an assistant coach. His roles include helping with the development and engagement of students. He is very dedicated to his position in the club and provides valuable input towards the club’s program and the development of students. He has recently completed a BSC (hons) degree in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation.

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Tayla Zaunekker

Assistant Coach

'The potential one unlocks when progressing as a Parkour practitioner is unlike any other sport’ 

Tayla is an assistant coach. She is currently in her second year of sixth form Studying IB English Literature, Psychology and Health & Social Care. Her hobbies and interests consist of all things music and sci-fi novels. Tayla began attending Thanet Parkour Academy in 2013, progressing steadily as a student. She is now a much-regarded pillar and vital member of the coaching staff. Her personal mission to support young women participating in sport and Parkour.

More team profiles coming soon...

The TPA Origin story

Thanet Parkour Academy was a project developed by Jestress Flo. It was set up in 2013, by Tyler Frankland and Laura Atkins. The purpose was to provide Parkour and Performance Arts activities. Our aim is to get more youths active, focused and learning new skills in sport. Providing positive impact in particpants life's both in mind and body through sports education, continuing our current program and expand our services and reach.

We believe that Parkour is a holistic sport, providing the practitioner with physical and cognitive developmental functions for movement. In addition to this we recognise the importance of social health and have built a network of professional coaches and staff that support every learner on their journey through movement. We do this by adopting a variety of different training methods and environments that allow the participant to thrive. For example, managing risk in sport by breaking down both physical and mental components needed for skills.

​Statistics show a drop in physical activity amongst adolescence by the time they reach thirteen. This is partly due to struggling economic circumstances and lack of stimulation from mainstream activities (Sport England, 2014). Parkour can be a great motivation amongst these demographics to either stay active or take up new sports due to it becoming a growing trend. We serve the larger community in providing a safe network for children to socialise. Teach new skills and educate youth about the benefits and dangers in the communities such as ‘local gang crime’ making them less vulnerable. All our coaches demonstrate passion for sport and fitness. Their thirst for knowledge extends beyond the regulation requirements to teach Parkour, making them highly skilled and effective at passing on knowledge. We also have an extensive policy in place for protecting the welfare of all children placed in our care. Our infrastructure has been built from many years of experience and relationship built with leading organisation such as my trust, which has led to the success of TPA and made us the leading provider of Parkour in Kent.

Our Ethos

"Our aim is to provide an impact in our community, by bringing people together in a sporting social setting, creating tangible community life for younger generations. At the forefront of our mission is to improve the confidence of individuals, teach transferable skills and to raise levels of self-esteem and self-worth. Parkour is an opportunity to learn new skills and improve on health and wellbeing. It is also important to offer support for all those involved in our community, providing positive role models for the young and encouraging the building of relations with parents/guardians with our team. We strive to educate students to make informative decisions regarding positive health and lifestyle choices."

(Director - Tyler)

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