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Welcome! So you want to get a child under 14 involved in classes. Great work, you are doing your part in creating a more active and healthier nation.

Please read below and follow the email link or fill in the box below.

Induction sessions

Course aims:

All new students UNDER 14 are required to complete a full induction course. These lasts for six weeks and are typically held on Saturdays Mid-afternoons. Students will learn the fundamentals of Parkour: physical, technical, and mental preparations for training safely in and out of sessions. We also introduce students to our club values and ethos (i.e., personal development and social inclusion). The sessions are 55 minutes and held in a facility with a padded floor, using equipment such as, balance beams, foam shapes and vaulting boxes.

After completion of the 6-week course parents will be invited to book their children into any appropriate general class timetable, attend special events hosted by TPA and book privates. Classes are split into age groups.

Next upcoming six-week course:

Starting June 2024 

Dates TBC

Course cost:

£28 per student

Fee's are to be paid in full at the start of the course and booked online

Booking Form Request

Thanks for submitting your booking request - we will get in touch when space becomes available.

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