Acerca de

Laura Atkins

Private Trustee

“Focusing on cultural development, within our local community"

Born in Margate, Laura is the co-founder of Thanet Parkour Academy and the founder of Jestress Flo. Laura completed a Fine Art degree in 2017, with a huge contribution of her research dedicated towards Participatory Art. Laura’s work has positively impacted the community, by breaking down barriers such as social inclusion, pioneering programs that include a combination of literature, art, history, painting, conceptual art, social justice and movement. The objectives were to render all those involved to become empowered and valued in the community, creating unity in a diverse culture.​

Parkour for Laura is a merger, ‘the glue” an opportunity for the multi-disciplinary element of her projects to come together. It provides discipline and increases the ability for an individual to adapt, to his or her environment through exercise. This is a transferable skill when facing challenges in life. She believes that the benefits from Free running/Parkour are endless, and filter into all walks of life, engaging with one and other.

Laura has volunteered her time for many years in her home town of Thanet. Helping those who struggle with mental health and those at higher risk, such as those experiencing isolation or difficulties within their families or home life. In 2013, she was the winner of Community Angel Award for a program called The Four Corners, and in 2016 winner of the Brian Griffiths Award through Orbit, for contributions to the local community. 

  • Fine Art (BA Hons) (Second class upper division 2:1) (University of Creative Arts)

  • Level 2 Awareness of Mental Health Problems (CACHE).

  • Economics and Statistics funded by the European Community.

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding