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The Street Exchange Project
This project has now ended

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Parkour is a relatively new sport that utilises urban spaces for physical activity, perform skills such as, vaulting, balancing, rolling, and leaping to move over obstacles. We aim to encourage resident's to participate in a range of coach-led group Parkour activities. Students will learn the fundamentals of Parkour: Physical, Technical and Mental preparations for training safely, in and out of sessions.

Also our aim to tackle wider issues such as community cohesion through social inclusion, group exercise and participation. Furthermore, we seek to reduce the behaviours of social isolation as a result of social norms due to Covid-19. This Project is being funded by the LCPG Reconnect Programme.

Free placement eligibility criteria

1  - 11-17 years of age
2 - Eligible for free school meals
3 - Not a current student of TPA
4 - Your home address is within the Thanet District CT7-12

Event Details

Sessions are 1 hour in length and held every Tuesday and Sunday at 12 midday within Margate Central, between the 1st of August and the 5th of September. Booking is essential further details and instructions regarding your booking will be provided upon successfully meeting the criteria above and submitting a short placement request form, following the link. Due to limited spaces, placements will be offered on a first come first served basis.

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