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Tyler Frankland

Director/ Coach

"Promoting positive mental and physical health through holistic sport participation and community engagement."

bluewater shoppig centre

Tyler was born in Margate. He advocates that people should build deeper connections to one and each other through shared interests and that every person has value and a role to play within the wider community.


His experiences of being involved within sporting communities specifically originates in two ways. Firstly, he started martial arts at a young age. This was for many reasons, but he said that Jackie Chan’s early movies had a huge influence on him. Through his development going through the grading systems, he discovered a sense of building strength in communities through shared knowledge, and team spirit. He has since gone on to support the development of others in martial arts and has competed in international and world championships in Aikido. His second early involvement was from building a community from the ground up.


Like many Tyler got into Parkour after watching the BBC documentary Jump Britain, seeing this film he was fixed, with Parkour being an urban sport, he would often use the streets as a playground to practice the sport and soon enough people would come along as ask what he was doing? could they join in? but mostly it was asking can you could do a backflip? As time went on the people approaching him started to get younger and younger or he said 'maybe he just got older' and children were asking advice. He thought that it was the responsible thing to get qualified in coaching to offer safety.


It was a three-year process, during this he stood in a park on the same day, same time, every week for a year come rain or shine offering free activities for children to get involved. After the first child things grew slowly, to what is now the largest Parkour community in Kent. With the increase in community, he could see the positive impacts it had on people involved. Tyler explains, that ‘some of the students come from struggling backgrounds and if we could offer a distraction for that child, even for just one hour away from the difficulties they face, whereby they feel part of a community that strive toward self-development and has fun along the way, then for me that’s a pretty good way to spend your time and find purpose through the things you do’.

With the encouragement of Laura Atkins, together they co-founded Thanet Parkour Academy. Both Tyler and Laura have worked in collaboration to deliver projects, that promotes change within community driven stakeholders. For example, raising awareness and funds for organisations such as the Royal British Legion, by staging a 'Flash mob' at Bluewater Shopping centre, Ramsgate Arts Festival (Summer Squall), local council projects and many more.

His mission is to publicise the benefits that participation in sports, fitness and wellbeing activities can provide. For example, increasing and sustaining healthier habits for life that promote positive mental health. He is passionate about using holistic sports to build a set of transferable skills that can improve the quality of life and have use in everyday life. He is a strong believer of leading by example, promoting lifelong education as a concept of it is not something you can

  • Project Management (MSc) (1st class) (Kent Business School)

  • Sport and Exercise Management (BA Hons) (1st class) (University of Kent)

  • IOSH Managing Safely

  • Level 3 Sport, Coaching and Development Extended Diploma (Btec)

  • Level 2 Parkour/Freerunning Instructor (Parkour UK, 1st4Sport)

  • Level 2 Awareness of Mental Health Problems (CACHE)

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding

  • First Aid trained

  • DBS Certified

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